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What to check before submitting your article?

The 12 most common mistakes

  1.  Incorrectly applied styles (we recommend clicking into each heading and paragraph to check before submitting the paper).
  2. Single letters at the end of lines, or the use of a hard line break before these letters instead of a non-breaking space space after these letters.
  3. Blank lines (enters), double spaces, …
  4. Variables, including units, are not listed below the equation in the sentence (the sentence usually begins „where x is the length in m, y is the height in m, etc.).
  5. Variables are not in italics in the text.
  6. Not all figures, tables, equations and references are referred to in the text.
  7. Incorrect descriptions of figures and tables (starting Figure 1 Graph … or Table 1 … should not be followed by a dot, dash or colon after the figure or table number), not ending the figure or table caption with a dot.
  8. Unreadable text in figures (font too small due to shrinking of large figures – please put text preferably in the figure caption, not in the figure itself).
  9. Table inserted as an image (tables inserted in this way often contain different fonts, font size and formatting, and cannot be edited. Please never insert tables as an image).
  10. Missing axis descriptions for charts. Placing a title for graphs (Please do not place the title above the graph, but directly in the caption below the graph/image).
  11. Missing spaces between value and unit (correct e.g. 12_m, not 12m).
  12. Insufficient number of references or irrelevant references. Please provide sufficient references, limit internet sources.