Instructions for authors

The articles will be submitted in Word template, which is available in the “Download section” – HERE.

The maximum length of the article (including figures, graphs, literature and abstract) is 8 pages. The minimum available range of the article is 4 pages. It is desirable to accept the structure of the article, if you decide on the so-called restriction, accept the structure appropriately.

Please ask for security templates. Write your text into the template, do not copy it. Alternatively, insert important functions differently.

Display images directly in the article, but be aware that you are going to upload more people, in JPG or PNG format. The minimum number of images is 300 dpi, the minimum size of images is 15 x 15 cm.

The following criteria will be evaluated in the review process:

  • Whether the abstract corresponds to the content of the article,
  • Whether the article contains the research objective, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion,
  • Whether the methodological procedures are clearly described,
  • Whether the analysis of the current situation is well done,
  • Whether the article contains original analyzes and results
  • Whether the proposed methodology is relevant in the article,
  • Whether the references to the article are correct and sufficient
  • Whether the article is formally and linguistically correct,
  • Whether the article topic is up to date.

Reviewers have information about the author’s DSP and they will also take this into account when evaluating articles.


Before submitting your article

Make sure that the required paragraph styles are adhered to. To better check the article before submitting, also save it in PDF, the article will be submitted in both formats.


Name the files as follows: article: “specifically symbol.docx“, article in pdf: “specifically symbol.pdf“.


Information on the processing of personal data BUT is placed at: